High Performance Athletics (HPA)


HPA is an OCDSB system program which provides academic support to elite athletes who are striving to compete at the national level in their respective sports. Talented athletes require unique academic programming so they are able to train and have a high quality education delivered in a flexible environment. The focus of the HPA program is to provide students with academic support while they train numerous hours in their sport.

Description of the Program:

The philosophy surrounding the HPA program delivery is based on both the Inquiry based learning model and performance task assessment. Students’ timetables are hand-crafted to ensure that both their academic and athletic needs are aligned and supported. Student placement in the program is subject to the student being in good academic standing and a positive community member while at JMSS. It is reviewed yearly by the school HPA team, or earlier in the event of a change in elite status.

HPA Student Program:

  • Designer timetables -each student has a program designed to meet their individual needs as required for education, training commitments and competitive schedules.
  • A four year plan which facilitates their total academic career while attending JMSS with a focus on their desired post-secondary placements and career aspirations.
  • Flexible attendance as identified by training schedules and competitions.
  • Flexible learning: summer courses, ILC courses, Integration to HPA courses, HPA Coop, Distance Learning.
  • Support by regular classroom teachers, HPA teacher/mentor/coaches/facilitators/admin.

Potential Candidates:

When considering whether or not students will be an appropriate fit for the HPA program data is triangulated from multiple sources. The requirements for candidates to be considered for the HPA program at JMSS are below:

  1. Portfolio Submission
  2. References
  3. Registration Intake with student's Vice-Principal
  4. Interview/Intake with HPA Coordinator

To further explore the HPA submission process and see the requirements for each stage, download the following pdf.

HPA Submission Process - 3 Stages pdf

The HPA Learning Centre:

There are many rooms dedicated to the HPA students as a learning centre. Program delivery is more flexible within these areas. Learning is based in the inquiry based model and performance task assessment. It is a shared learning experience with students working independently, with the support of a mentoring guide. Currently the program offers integrated studies from Grade 10-12 in English, Math, Science and Social Science.

Features of the HPA Centre and HPA Learning Resources:

  • Dedicated work area for athletes in the program
  • Library website designed to facilitate distance learning
  • Versatile furniture for a relaxed but dedicated environment for instruction
  • Staff who work as mentor coaches for the extended delivery program
  • Integrated classroom instruction
  • E-Learning and web based instruction -staff webpages/blogs/video streaming/OERB
  • Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities -often required by US Universities
  • Modified time completion and time accomodation for curriculum where applicable;

The HPA Coordinator acts as a community liaison, program developer and counsellor. The coordinator will meet with teachers and parents to facilitate alignment and support of students. The coordinator also meets with parents and students to explain supports of the program and make a four year plan which supports both the students’ academic and athletic endeavors.

Any questions about the HPA process should be directed to John McCrae’s Vice-Principals - Kimberly Lovatt ( (Alpha A-K) or to Robin Small ( (Alpha L-Z)

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