Multidisciplinary Team

Q: What is the Multidisciplinary Team (Multi-D)?
A: Multi-D is a group of educational staff and other system professionals who meet regularly during the school year to discuss the needs of vulnerable or at-risk students.

Q: Who is on the Multi-D team?
A: At John McCrae, the team consists of the principal, vice-principals, the head of Student Services, guidance counselors, Learning Support Teacher(s), Student Success Teacher(s), social worker, psychologist, youth worker, OCDSB Learning Support Consultant and educational assistant(s) on occasion as needed.

Q: Is anyone else permitted in the Multi-D meetings?
A: On occasion, our Rideauwood drug treatment counselor will attend to discuss students with whom he or she is working. However, because he or she is not a school board, he or she will be asked to leave before any other students are discussed for privacy.

Q: How often does the Multi-D team meet?
A: At John McCrae, the team meets every second Thursday morning at 8:15 a.m. throughout the year.

Q: How long are the meetings?
A: Typically they are 45-60 minutes?

Q: How are students selected to be discussed at Multi-D meetings?
A: Any staff member who is concerned about a particular student can forward their concern and the details to any member of the Multi-D team. Once the agenda is provided by the chair of Multi-D, it is then populated with the necessary information so the issues can be discussed by the group.

Q: What types of student issues are discussed?
A: Anything that is a concern can be discussed.

  Issues include but are not limited to:

  • Chronic absenteeism

  • Severe academic concerns

  • Mental health

  • Physical illness

  • Addiction (drug, alcohol, gaming, gambling, etc.)

  • Family issues

Q: How do the meetings work?
A: The person closest to the case of the student of concern outlines the presenting issues to the entire Multi-D team. The team provides their opinions and suggestions and a course of action is selected in an attempt to address the issue. Typically, a point person is assigned to ensure the plan is followed. That person also reports back on the progress to the Multi-D team after the plan has been initiated.

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