Attendance Policy

Q: Why is there an attendance policy?
A: In addition to being a ministry of Education requirement, regular attendance at school is critical for the student's learning and achievement of course expectations.

Q: What happens when a student accumulates numerous unjustified absences?
A: Where, in an administrator's judgment, a student's frequent absences from school are jeopardizing his or her successful completion of a course, school staff should meet with the student and the parents to explain the potential consequences of the absences, including failure to gain credits, and discuss steps that could be taken to improve attendance.

Q: What should I do if I know my child will be absent from school?

  1. A parent/guardian is required to contact the school to report a student absence on the day that their child is absent from school. When a parent phones the school to report the absence (613-823-0367, Press 1), the attendance will report the reason for the absence as PARENT APPROVED. A note is NOT required upon the student's return and a permit will NOT need to be issued. When a parent does not phone the school, the attendance will show the student as ABSENT. Our automated voice service will notify the parent of the absence after 6pm on the day of the absence. Parents are to call the Main Office (613-823-0367) the next day to verify that their son/daughter was absent from school with parent approval.

  2. If a student has an appointment and must leave school before the official dismissal, he/she must sign out at the Main Office.

  3. If the student returns to school during the day, he/she must go to the Main Office to sign in. A permit for the student to return to class will be issued.

  4. In the case of prolonged legitimate absences, official documentation (i.e. medical certificate) should be provided to the Main Office upon return to school.

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