The OCDSB is committed to creating inclusive, safe and caring environments. As part of this commitment and Ministry direction and in support of student well-being, our schools conduct school climate surveys every two years. This year the OCDSB is conducting a School Climate Survey for Students.
The purpose of a school climate survey is to better understand students’ perceptions about bullying, safety at school, and student engagement. We know that when students feel safe and welcomed at school that they are more likely to achieve at higher levels and have a stronger sense of well-being.   
The “OurSCHOOL” survey developed by The Learning Bar is used across our District. It is voluntary, confidential, and takes approximately thirty to forty minutes to complete. Students are asked to answer questions related to school climate and safety, bullying, perception of school, sense of belonging, and their background, including age, gender, and ethnicity. The data from this survey will be used to help school staff develop strategies to prevent bullying and to promote safe and inclusive schools.
 Parents who do not want their child(ren) to complete the survey must download, print and complete the form below and return it to the school by 
 April 21st, 2017. 
John McCrae Secondary School will be completing the survey between  April 24th and May 5th in Period 4
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